Ancient Egyptians invented Mathematics, Metallurgy and Astronomy, and they did this by pursuing education. One of Egypt’s highest priorities since ancient times, education comes with unmatched benefits economically and socially.

TSFE invests in education sector based on its belief in the importance of education and investment in human capital. Human capital that not only drives the economy, but elevates it by creating forward thinkers that can become Egypt’s future leaders, and is a stepping stone towards the transformation to a knowledge-based economy.

TSFE partners with best-in-class education providers to create value at a generational level,
with effects that can be noticed through economy and society, by:

Creating affordable schooling and higher education for all tiers of society, with a keen eye on quality.

Expanding on skill-based career education that equips students with knowledge and skills for employment.

Investments under this sector are currently managed directly by the main fund.