Investment Pattern

The Sovereign Fund of Egypt has established a Pre-Initial Public Offering Subfund (“Pre- IPO Subfund") in September 2022 (BoD decree No. 8 of 2022), that aims to offer a chance to institutional investors to obtain stakes in partially or fully State-Owned Enterprises (“SOEs”) ahead of their Initial Public Offering.

Stakes offered to investors through the Subfund are deliberately and carefully selected to guarantee significant value creation to investors and maximize return for the government.

Offered assets operate within sectors that are:

Strategic With High Growth Potential

Offering attractive investment opportunities across a variety of industries to investors who are looking for competitive returns and portfolio diversification.

Consumer Driven

With Egypt’s large consumer base, sustainable growing demand is ensured.

Naturally Hedged

Against foreign exchange movements benefiting from their export orientation.

Subfund Board of Directors

Mrs. Lobna HILAL
Mr. Hisham MIKAWI
Independent Board Member
Dr. Gehan SALEH
Independent Board Member
Mr. Yasser Zaki HASHEM
Independent Board Member
Executive Board Member

Subfund Team

Subfund CEO