The Sovereign Fund of Egypt (TSFE) is a private investment fund established in 2018 (in accordance with law 177 of 2018) to shape, manage, and perfect opportunities for investment in Egypt’s state-owned assets by creating partnerships and co-investments with private investors.

TSFE like an ancient Egyptian temple, representing the country’s center of power where all its most valuable treasures are placed, forged its economic pillars to represent the sectors of economy on which Egypt prospers.

TSFE aims to drive investment initiatives by utilizing a strategically targeted multi-sectoral approach, allowing it to support Egypt’s economic growth and structural reforms that promote private sector engagement in Egypt’s journey towards inclusive sustainable development “Egypt Vision 2030”.

This multi-sectoral approach seeks to preserve and enrich Egypt’s wealth including nature, talent, heritage, and scale, making The Sovereign Fund of Egypt, the gate to the temple of modern-day Egypt.