While the Ancient Egyptians built irrigation networks to sustain themselves, TSFE has built a comprehensive support system for all that is central to Egypt’s economy and will continue to expand upon it for future generations.

Infrastructure projects are a core part of the Fund’s activities, serving as a means of direct investment in Egypt’s development. Growing population figures and recent legislative reforms show the impacts and rewards that investors in Egyptian infrastructure are poised to enjoy.

Through the Infrastructure & Utilities Subfund, established in August 2020 (BoD decree No. 4 of 2020), TSFE directs its efforts towards optimizing existing asset performance through structuring attractive opportunities for private sector participation, with a primary focus on:

Green Hydrogen


Conventional Power

Transport & Logistics

Renewable Energy

Water Treatment &

Eng. Randa El Menshawy
Mr. Hisham Mikawi
Independent Board Member
Dr. Khaled Hashem
Independent Board Member
Mr. Hisham MOUSSA
Board Member – TSFE representative
Board Member – TSFE representative
Chief Executive Officer
TSFE Infrastructure & Utilities Subfund