Healthcare & Pharma industry, as pioneered by our ancient ancestors who practiced medicine with highly professional methods, is widely recognized as a pillar of healthy economic growth and prosperity.

In alignment with Egypt’s 2030 Vision with investment in human capital at its core, TSFE Healthcare & Pharma Subfund, established in August 2020 (BoD decree No. 6 of 2020), focuses on investing in the fields of:

Healthcare Services

Increasing the number of available beds in conjunction with improving the quality of healthcare services

Growing private investments in healthcare especially outside of Cairo, to expand medical services throughout the country.

Technology advancement of healthcare services allowing for quicker access and higher efficiency within the industry.

Pharmaceutical Industries

Localization of pharmaceutical industry to transform Egypt into a regional pharmaceutical hub

Supporting the entire value chain of pharma manufacturing by strengthening feeder industries as well as the pharmaceutical distribution and retail

Supporting local champions by scaling them to expand into regional markets

Dr. Alaa DERAZ
Independent Board Member
Mr. Hisham MOUSSA
Subfund CEO
Mr. Abdalla ELEBIARY
Executive Board Member
Mr. Hisham MOUSSA
Subfund CEO