Investment Pattern

The Sovereign Fund of Egypt's investment approach is unparalleled in its distinctiveness, focused on developing high-potential local sectors to encourage private sector participation.

To cover a broader range of investments, TSFE's strategy relies on a multi-sectoral approach through affiliate Subfunds and companies.

These Subfunds, led by industry professionals, contain dedicated governance, legal structures, and investment processes. They are the value-creating pillars that unveil significant opportunity and bring exceptional transformation.

TSFE aims to:

Deliver sustainable financial returns over the long-term through a balanced and diversified portfolio constructed to optimize risk/return profiles across the portfolio. Along with financial objectives, TSFE will look to deliver socioeconomic impact through all investments.

Catalyze investment in local priority sectors from a diversified set of local, regional, and international investors and operators, through these products, and to unlock wealth through operational improvement, greenfield, and brownfield development.

Proactively identify and prioritize assets with the greatest potential for value creation through private ownership and capital, as well as collaborate with investors and operators to create investment structures to meet their investment demand and criteria.

Fulfill its mandate by leveraging its access to a unique portfolio of opportunities in Egypt, with an aim to turn its local champions into regional and global players. Over the long-term, TSFE will explore commercial investment opportunities abroad.